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A livejournal community dedicated to Xiaolin Showdown Slash.

Welcome to the Livejournal Xiaolin Showdown Slash community! Here you can find a place to share all your slash, from fanfics to fanart, from icons to just plain chatting about pairings within the series. We favor no specific pairing and welcome all, so long as they follow the rules. I ask that all members read the rules before posting anything.

By joining this community, you have agreed to the rules.

  1. NO FLAMING OR HARASSMENT IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. IP addresses will be logged. We do not tolerate the bashing of our members.
  2. No advertising. You can, however, post fanfics, fanart, icons, or whatever and post a link to your gallery. Do not dedicate a whole post to advertising yourself.
  3. MALE x MALE PAIRINGS ONLY. Due to the canon idea of 'slash', we can only allow male pairings.
  4. NO ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. All slashed pairings must be characters from the show.
  5. All pictures must go under a LJ-cut. Icon posts may have up to THREE spoiler icons, the rest must go under a cut.
  6. Fanfics must be properly labeled with: rating, pairing, and a basic summary. If you are posting the fic to the community, please lj-cut the actual fic itself.
  7. ALL 'ADULT' WORKS MUST BE LABELED AS 'NSFW' AND GIVEN AN '18+ POST' TAG. While we understand that some slash may be NC-17, we have to respect the fact that not everyone wants to, or can legally view it.

All sorts of Xiaolin Showdown links on and off LJ. They include slash and nonslash.

Episodes, screenshots, etc!

People who we have decided to affiliate with.

The lovely losers who run the joint.